Children’s rights are not for sale

On Thursday 23rd November 2017 a group of passionate, ambitious, bright and good looking (well if I do say so myself) Let Us Learners braved the cold to stand for the rights of children, outside the Royal Courts of Justice. We assembled to support a legal challenge – led by our friends at the Project for the Registration of Children as British Citizens and supported by Amnesty International – to the extortionate cost of registering children as British Citizens. Our message was loud and clear: “Children’s rights are not for sale!”.

Many children who are born in the UK to non-British parents are prevented from accessing their legal right to register as British citizens because of the cost of Home Office applications. The government now charges children £973 to apply, and this increases pretty much every year. PRCBC also found out that the process only costs the government £386. This means they are making a £587 profit from every child who can afford to apply!

Imagine my joy when I was a able to take part in my first ever protest with so many like-minded young people from all over London. They shared my frustration with the current system and were willing to stand up and make their voices heard. As more of us arrived the atmosphere built and we were empowered by each other. In typical LUL fashion, we also got a lot louder! Although the legal challenge was not successful this time, I was still happy that we showed how much we cared and would fight for what was right.

We should not give up due to this set back. We must come back bigger and louder than before to show to the public that “Children’s right are not for sale”. So, to the Let Us Learn team, please don’t give up on this campaign and keep going because I am not giving up. To everyone else, we are stronger in numbers and if you want to lend your voice we are heading out again next month. So grab a warm coat and think up some chants and the dance moves to go with it and join us on the 13th December. More details to follow!

Precious Arabambi, 18 years old.