We want to learn. Will you let us?





We are group of ambitious and motivated young people, who are blocked from taking up hard-won university places because we are considered not eligible for student loans.


We grew up in the UK and went to school here, but because we were born abroad, we are treated as overseas students and are unable to get a student loan.


We are calling on universities to set up scholarships or bursaries so we can carry on learning, and pursue our educational and career ambitions.


We want to fulfil our potential so we can fully contribute to our communities and wider British society.


#younggiftedandblocked – On BBC News





In October 2016, over 120 young people who are part of Just for Kids Law’s Let us Learn campaign signed a letter to university vice-chancellors, asking for help to continue learning.

See our campaign film here.

Restrictions on student finance, mean that, unlike most of our peers, Let us Learn campaigners cannot get loans and are charged overseas fees, without scholarship funding we have no hope of taking up university places.

Read our briefing paper here.

Let us Learn is working with nearly 800 young people who are unable to take up university places because they cannot access student finance.

Many universities have repsonded positively and have created new scholarship schemes forLet Us Learners. Full list here.