If you are not a UK national, but have lived in England for a substantial period of your life you may be eligible for student finance and home fee status in England under the ‘long residence’ category. If you are not eligible, there are an increasing number of scholarship schemes available.


Student finance – ‘Long residence’

History of the ‘long residence’ eligibility category. Read more here.


Long residence: Am I eligible?

Assess your own eligibility  under the ‘long residence’ category. Read more here


Long residence: How to apply

Guide to applying under the ‘long residence’ category. Read more here.


Long residence: Proving your eligibility

Evidencing your eligibility for the ‘long residence’ category. Read more here. 


Other options

Unfortunately, many young migrants do not meet the eligibility criteria for the long residence category. Below are some other options.




Scholarship options for those not eligible for student finance. Read more here.



Several students have shown that it is possible to raise funds through your own networks. Read more here.