Our team of young leaders are experts at public speaking and experts by experience in their subject matter, life as a young UK migrants. They are passionate about sharing their stories and are available for panel discussions, presentations, workshops and anything else that gives them the opportunity to do so. If you’re holding an event where you will be speaking about these issues, you really shouldn’t be doing so without some experts by experience.





Schools and Colleges

Let Us Learn campaigners have delivered presentations and workshops in over twenty five schools and colleges since 2015. Speakers describe how they were personally affected by this issue, and the steps they have been able to take to overcome blocks to their own education. Their individual testimonies, plus the story of how in 2015 they joined together to bring a successful Supreme Court challenge over this issue, makes for inspiring and motivating listening – even for students who aren’t directly affected in this way.



Who is it for?

The message of Let us Learn will be valuable for anyone who believes that young people should be encouraged to shape their own destinies in a positive way. However, the work we do will be of particular interest and practical help to students who are in the following situations:

  • Students below year 12, who are currently unaware that their immigration status blocks them from student finance, but who could take action now to resolve things in time for when they will be applying for university;
  • Students who know they are in this situation, but are currently remaining silent about their predicament, and feeling isolated and disadvantaged as a result;
  • Students who have completed A-levels but whose immigration status means that unlike their peers they haven’t been able to take up university places and are feeling left behind and in limbo;
  • Teachers and other school staff who want to know how best to support students in this situation, and where to go for advice;
  • Current or former students who have become eligible since the 2015 Supreme Court ruling, and need to demonstrate that they meet the new eligibility criteria on their student loan application.

Sessions are free and generally last no more than 15-20 minutes, but timing can be tailored to your school’s particular requirements. Get in touch to find out more.